Resolved Nexus S JB Bugs?


Sep 19, 2011
I am using the 2.8.17 on Nexus S and having bugs such as:
- MIUI music WONT detect my mp3
- Gallery wont detect my old pic saved in the DCIM

WHat i have done is:
- clean install and full wipe before installing ROM
- Refreshing the MIUI music and gallery and wait for it
- renaming and moving the mp3 and the pics in other folder

But still doesnt help.

Any clue? Is this a bug or just my fault?
i dont have these errors but i'm facing a different set of errors

- browser crashes when quick controls are activated
- custom ringtones dont play after being set
- lockscreen music controls respond after 2 seconds
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my problems are:

-Browser crashes, but i replace it with chrome, so for me it's not important
-MIUI Music: every times that i reboot my phone the settings are cancelled, so i have to resetting
-The status bar don't go down when i play a game or a app in full screen
-The bootanimation appear 10 seconds after google screen

i have MIUI JB stock, i have no flash custom kernel, and i have do a full wipe (cache, data, dalvik, battery stats, boot, system)
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After a new installation of this rom, with all wipes, the bug of miui music, that it cancell the preferencies, was solved, but the other are remained
another bugs:
-when i attached my phone to computer appeare the popup of miui and the popup of system ui
-when i select a message from a conversation doesn't appear the tab on the top to select all message

This bugs are in miui 2.8.17 i have not still flash the new version
All my bugs are GONE! After I flashed my system, and my SD CARD!! Not even ONE bugs appears, not one like you guys mentioned, I have tried everything, it works FLAWLESSLY, for real!
All my bugs are GONE! After I flashed my system, and my SD CARD!! Not even ONE bugs appears, not one like you guys mentioned, I have tried everything, it works FLAWLESSLY, for real!

lockscreen lag, music control lag on lockscreen, browser lag and flickering of tab on the browser
How come? I too have flickering of bottom bar in Browser. It changes color from white to grey. Also lockscreen lag is present. Theres also no vibration of incoming calls.

Wysłane z mojego Nexus S
Also volume sliders of notifications are linked to system sound volume....

And call recording is not working....
I've updated to miui 2.8.24 doing a full wipe, and i notice this bugs:
-bootanimation continue to appear 10 second about the google
-the crt off animation don't appear
-browser crash when the fast control are activated
-in portrait games the status bar don't go down, but in landscape it go
-when i select a message in a conversation doesn't appear the box on the top to select all messages
-when i connect my phone to computer appear two tab, one of miui, and one o system ui

Edit: after flash of a custome kernel i solved the crt off bug and the bug of usb connection
Here's mine on Nexus S MIUI JB ROM -
(1) No sound notification in Gmail (it vibrates)
(2) Individual Application protection (under privacy) does not work
(3) Wallpaper for the Alarm clock does not change when you put a custom wallpaper

Now my wish list -
(1) Profiles like CM ROM (Home, Work, Car, etc.)
(2) Screen color settings, again like CM ROM -- c.lumen was an excellent app for that but unfortunately does not work on ICS/JB (waiting for f.lux for android desperately)
(3) BLN notification for stock MIUI messaging app does not work - I think this happens in stock Google JB too (just thought I would mention it for MIUIAndroid team to add on their tweak list ;))

Thank you Mark and his team for wonderful team work!!!
i've flashed the last miui version, and i found a new bug:
-when i install an app, two icons are created

instead the bug of browser is solved

Edit:after a full wipe the bug is solved :)
I can't follow anything in this bug report. Don't know whats up to date or not. Just gonna mark this as resolved and try and make one bug per topic or at least an organized list that can be confirmed/denied.
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in this moment i have flashed miui v2.8.31 doing a full wipe (system, data, cache, boot, dalvik) and for me i find this rom a lot of stable, but there are some problems:
1) the bootanimation continue to start at about 10 seconds after google's
2)if i select a message in original message app, doesn't appear at the top le box to select all message (in miui 4.0 there's a good utility when i want delete all message from a conversation except some message)
3)in all portrait games if i trie to open status bar doesn't go down, but appear only the bar at the top with the information of network, clock and battery
4)the crt off animation doesn't appear, (to have this feature i've flashed a custom kernel, so for me it's not a big problem)
On Nexus S with 2.8.31 build, when i clicked on some apps listen to music and can't see close icon on notification then :d and maybe wait for this friday to see another build to release