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Apr 20, 2014
Xiaomi AOSP [4.9.26] [4.4.4] [Multilanguage] [No reboots]
It is a rom made by a worker Xiaomi having access to sources (rumored to Xiaomi has freed the way), so it has none of the faults of the other AOSP. It is very smooth, no lag or jerks, goes smoothly.

It is almost pure AOSP, has some added as color adjustment and double tap to turn off screen, but little else. You can also choose between normal mode and performance like Miui.
· You have to pull Xposed and modules with Gravitybox can change many things, except the quick settings panel (to edit you must click on the square that is over)
· No leading motor issues CM11 (it's the only bad thing is) so to put a topic you have to install the module Xposed HK Theme Manager and put him issues CM10 (I take this Android-based L and is pretty good )
· You can change the function keys with Xposed addtions to put recent applications where the menu and stuff.

Camera · Same quality than Miui, in photos and video. Google takes the camera as standard.

· From the 4.9.16 is multilingual.

Known Issues
· Does not work recording with front camera with the camera as standard. You can use Snap Camera HDR for that.
· Automatic brightness is not quite right. It works, but the change of brightness makes it a bit slow.
· The vibration is very high, to lower: . If you also want to lose more buttons: go GravityBox> Actions in the Navigation> Pattern vibration virtual button> Write "2"

· Like any AOSP, all wipes, flash rom and gapps. If you want to stick while Miui activate True Dual Boot and put this in System 1 and 2 in Miui.
· It takes quite in installed (minimum 5 minutes) and it seems that is not going to do it, but patience ends up with no problems.
· To upgrade: wipe cache (optional) flash rom and flash gapps.
· Installation Guide:
Download Current Version
· 4.9.18:!4gRTAKRT!IopWgs...wupjpfkp1luSS0
· 04/09/26:!qdIHGS4S!DnT8ha...72OG3jzGSQ9Ifw (This is an update to 4.9.18, not a complete rom Flashing after that and before the gapps.)

Gapps · Previous versions · 4.9.16:
· 4.9.15:
· 4.9.10:!xwZj1bTA!hskAep...IqOmZyhID8aEw4

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Sep 7, 2014
Using from day one (sunday) perfect, no reboots or other issues, performance mode phone is flying, battery life is great, can't speak of miui builds, bought it last week, lol

Enviado do meu MI 3W


Sep 7, 2014
I had a n5 and I can say with this build this is way better than an Nexus 5 ☺

Enviado do meu MI 3W