Phonebook/dialer bug


May 19, 2011
T9 dialer has problems to find people by number. For example, lets assume I have entry
"Entry1" with number +972-544-123-455 and "Entry2" with number 0544-123-456.
Now I start to dial +972544123. Till here only Entry1 is found, but not Entry2. But once I dial +9725441234 suddenly both entries are found. And visa versa, if I dial 0544123 only Entry2 is found unless 8th digit "4" is dialed.

Once I observed problem with association between SMS/call log with actual entries, since SMS always arrive with number in full form "+972xxxxxxxxx", whereas calls in short form "0xxxxxxxxx". So I had to add same number to contact twice in order to be able see his messages and calls. Fortunately this bugs was fixed in recent versions of MIUI