Pretty new to Xiaomi EU, how stable it is, how well does it work in Mi Note 10 Lite? (And some other minor questions)


Jun 1, 2021
So, I've only just learned about Xiaomi EU, and I'm not quite sure if I understand everything about it correctly.

So as far as I understand Xiaomi EU is based on the Chinese ROM - but, Google services are enabled. That's correct? Can I use any Google app, like phone, messages, gmail, pay, etc...? I'm asking because as far as I know, Chinese ROM doesn't have access to Google services.

Are super wallpapers, and more AOD designs available on any phone? Can I access super wallpapers and new AOD designs on my Mi Note 10 Lite?

How stable it is? Which version should I use if I want maximum stability?

Does the in-screen fingerprint sensor work properly? Is there anything that might not work once I change to this ROM?

Is there any way to go back to MIUI Global if I don't like Xiaomi EU, or if something doesn't work as expected?
Mi Note 10 here, using the weekly.
Google services works, superwallpapers works.

I believe there is no more weekly for Mi Note 10 lite, so your choice may be limited to the stable ROM anyway.

Everything should work. You can flash the global ROM if needed. Just don't try to restore settings when switching from a ROM to another.
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