New threats in miui for galaxy s2.


Aug 4, 2012
hey a yellow triangle appears during start up.. market apps does not supported. wifi and mobile data service s not working.. if a new version with no bugs r created pls send me a link with ur instructions. my email id
Yellow triangle apear bcz you root your phone you can remove by Trangle away app.What do you mean by ''market apps does not supported''?WI-FI and Mobile data work for me.
As stated above, no problems for me as well.
I assume you missed something when you installed MIUI.. or after.
Coming from another android OS you MUST wipe your phone completely. So, factory reset, wipe cache and dalvik. Then flash Miui rom.

Regarding that triagle, doh, that's because you rooted it. You can get rid of it using triangle away or flash an old bootloader in Odin and use an USB jig. You should have known this prior to rooting your phone... :rolleyes:
thnaks dude wats the minimum requirments for using miui in s2.. s it full working..