Uploading photos on facebook...


Mar 14, 2012
Hi guys...
Everytime I try to upload a new photo from my album directly to fb, when it hits 100%, an error message appears and I can't continue. I've already tried lots of photos, and none of them succeeded.
Does anyone knows what's happening? I'm using version 2.3.9.

Both.. and it still doesn't work :/

I've already unninstalled facebook a thousand times and reinstalled it back...
Just tested via my Facebook app on 2.3.9 DHD and it worked.

Any logcat during the upload? Curious of the debug messages.
No no, it just appears: Upload: an error occurred while loading the photo. Just it.
I'm on a Defy.
I just tried directly from the gallery, on facebook app, capturing the photo and then sending.. the error continues. When I try to send it to other apps, like whatsapp, dropbox ou picasa, it works just fine :/