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May 17, 2013
Can anybody explain it for a newby please :)
Where can I find the changelog for Mi5?

This is miui8 v.8.0.10 (with twrp and no supersu)
And the changelog is where?
All versions have already twrp included. There are some already with root (supersu). How do i recognize this?

There was another Rom link posted on page 116
What means "Type: enabled / disabled"?

Thank you for your efforts & assistance! :)
1. That means Mi5 gets special updates managed separately from other devices. So, common weekly changelogs are not affect to Mi5 devices. There is no separated changelog for Mi5 as there is no officially.

2. Linked MIUI8 v.8.0.10 is stable release for Mi5

3. TWRP included but you have to install SuperSU separately in order to get root on your device

4. sMIUI is modded ROM based on our releases pls find dedicated thread if you are interested in.

5. Developer releases get weekly updates, but full ROM must be flashed manually via updater app or via TWRP
May 31, 2016
If someone is worry about privacy issue because push notification from browser. Freeze it by titanium or lucky patcher and temporary use much better one like Gelo mod or if you have qualcomm device then for you there isn't better then Tuga browser. Both you can download from xda.

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