Automatic profile change manager application behavior on this device

Jul 26, 2013
I want my phone to automatically change to silent mode (of my style) at work hours by changing the volume of everything except media and voice (in-call) volume to 0. I've tried MyProfiles and Profile Scheduler but none seems to work as expected on this device (they work fine in my previous non-MIUI device).

First, if the ringer & notification is 0, then media will automatically be 0 as well, regardless the value set. Second, the volume seems to be changed only from 0 to non-0 and vice versa, but not from non-0 to non-0. Even worse, the non-0 value is not always respected, the system sets another value on its own.

I've set the applications as trusted, is there anything else other than that? If anyone has another recommended and working profile change manager app, please tell me as well. Thank you.