Help Me Fix My Xiaomi Piston 3 Headphone Jack

Aug 9, 2017
I have a XIaomi Piston 3 that I'm trying to replace its audio jack. This headphone has mic and remote control.
I bought a new TRRS male plug with 4 connectors, but the headphone has 5 wires (red, green, white, copper, copper). I've searched a bit and I'm assuming the following:

Tip of plug
   | ---- Left speaker  ---- Red
   | ---- Right speaker ---- Green   
   | ---- Microphone    ---- White
   | ---- Ground        ---- Copper / Copper together
Base of plug

So I wired in the same way above starting from the tip of the plug to its base, but only the speakers are working. Mic and remote control is not working. I'm testing it on my cellphone.

What is wrong? Can you help me?