New Mi 11 Pro 67W Wireless Charging bootloop , Video camera overheated


Feb 11, 2022
Are there any Mi11 Pro user having the same issue? I've tested on MIUI12.5(Stable) , MIUI12.6 (Stable/Weekly), MIUI 13 (Weekly) but issue of the below persist. Not sure if I am getting lemon unit of Mi11 Pro or it's a widespread issue.

MIUI12.5 (Stable) - Full Wipe + Factory Reset
MIUI12.6 (Stable) - Full Wipe + Factory Reset
MIUI12.6 (Weekly) - Full Wipe + Factory Reset
MIUI13.0 (Weekly) - Upgrade from 12.6

While the issue below is not critical but it posed an annoyance sometimes.

Cable 67W Fast Charging - OK
120W Xiaomi Wireless Charger - It is OK when charging, but will bootloop upon lifting phone away from the charger. This only occur if the phone is on 67W wireless fast charging. On tortoise wireless charging, it won't bootloop.

Stock Camera - Video camera with LED ON / HDR OFF / Stock Setting - Overheated warning within 4 seconds and LED auto turn off
3rd party camera apps i.e PX Cam - Video camera with LED ON - No issue even if I record it into several minutes.

If it was not a widespread issue, I guess it's a lemon unit.

Otherwise I would start generating logcat for investigation.


Dec 19, 2021
Much appreciated for your response. I can live with that two issues above. Apart from that, the software is as great as it can be! Thanks.
On Mi 11, wireless charging stopped working for me and another user after upgrading to miui 13