MIUI 1.7.0 Early Release Notes?


Nov 9, 2010
Members rice, Happy New Year ~

MIUI the new year, as always, Friday updates include:

1. Continue to improve the stability, fixes a SIM card icon to run around the problem, there are issues such as messages being blocked
2. MIUI camera beta release, with a focus to touch, then you can download and install MIUI network disk.
3. HD2 straight brush

Such a complete list of updates on Friday it.

MIUI Camera app?!?!? that sounds awesomeee
Full Changelog

Recommended features:
1. coming network disk to download!Charged with auto focus and focus MIUI camera, although very young, but it is a force! Suggestions everyone to test it!

2. Stability
- SIM card issues program ran
- SMS text messages to block the last issue
- The phone's face from the sensor optimization
- Increase the volume of call waiting

Add re-issued mass text messages failed
New text messages calling process does not pop up dialog box
FC repair bulk SMS
SMS text messages to block the last fixes the problem

Optimization of the phone's face from the sensor optimization
Optimization tips to improve volume of call waiting
Dial phone numbers in the repair of the collapse of the interface problems

Add selected contact groups when the number of group members with similar "(10)"

Add starter set is provided to switch desktop animated 3
Optimized for low power consumption when the power saving mode so that users can choose
SIM card program ran fix the problem
Fix lock screen when the music press a key question about flash

Add visitor mode, hidden anti-disturb interception record

Add the number of anti-disturb the status bar notification interceptor
Add in the call log shows the type blocking anti-disturb
Optimization of attribution to the neglect of 13800138000

4 * 4 widget optimization of performance and lower CPU utilization
Refresh the wrong number of bug fixes

(Replacement system native library, the old library in the network disk to download to install)
Please note that the gallery on the latest ROM to run correctly, because we have to modify the control SDK, earlier ROM will open a single picture view crash.

Add video playback
Optimized single photo to slide the fluency
Optimize thumbnail generation, cache, browsing performance
Optimization Gallery Home View

SD card error fix the problem does not exist
Repair can not change your startup sound and animation problems

MIUI Camera:
MIUI network disk download
New MIUI camera

New lunar month view shows the date
im guessing the new ui will release along with gingerbread features.. dont expect it until at least 2 more updates