Changelog MIUI ROM 2.2.24 Changelog [ICS]

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

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    • Repair of migration of system data to SD card does not take effect
    • Repair screen buttons disabled, long pressing the home key is still valid
    • Repair in some cases switching to Airplane mode and back, mobile data cannot be found
    • Fix in some cases, the list of applications cannot be loaded
    • Fix in some cases black screen when playing back music, screen will not wake up

    • New version of the slide to answer gesture (See phone settings)
    • Fix in some cases custom number attribution FC
    • Fix in some cases entering emergency dial from lockscreen leads to FC
    • Repair call interface has small heading, the attribution is too long and the phone number becomes hidden
    • Repair call log duplication of entries
    • Fix shadow height is not correct
    • Repair of silent mode in some cases, when phone call is received the ringer will still sound
    • Delete a call in call notes speakers automatically turn on the function

    • New function to show only contacts with a telephone number (See contact settings for more information)
    • Alert the user of new timeout expiry via SMS pop-up
    • Add support to copy text from MMS
    • Optimisation of the visual style of searching for a contact to write messages to
    • Repair received MMS failed to download in some cases
    • Repair date and time cannot be displayed properly in Bubbles style
    • Repair cleaning of cache leads to FC
    • Repair of long text messages sent may result in send failures
    • Repair choosing time selection; AM / PM is not switched when selected
    • Repair the input method to adjust timing, SMS overlapping interface issues
    • Fix problem of session content disappearing in some cases
    [Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications]
    • Optimisation of the left side of the status bar icon to display
    • Repair changing theme, or switching notification bar style, the Wi-Fi icon shows errors
    • Stability and optimisation of AWB (Auto White Balance)
    • Repair focus zoom

    • Added support for playing APE and WMA formats
    • New Desktop Music Widget
    • New 'now playing' page to support viewing of song information
    • Fix sleep mode cannot be adjusted
    • Fix setting local lyrics and cover not does apply successfully
    [System Updater]
    • Fix problems with system update from File Manager, selecting the installation package does not take effect
    [File Manager]
    • Fix problem selecting sound recording files when selected do not open the corresponding file directory
    • Horizontal screen repair view for SD card tab, switch to the Browse tab interface rearrangement

    • Optimisation of bookmark site icon does not change, to maintain appearance
    [Access Control]
    • Fix in some cases, the list of applications cannot be loaded
  2. voodoobook2003

    Dec 16, 2011
    Awesome Work Guys Thx :D
  3. nuno_mdj


    Feb 29, 2012
    Good work, MIUI is really improving every week, its good to see!

    A few things i have notice on this rom is that the gmail and calendar widget don't update, for example, when i receive an email it won't show on the widget, i need to open the gmail, do a refresh, and some times i have to go even further, need to remove the widget and put it again so shows.
    Can't go to update menu, it crashes, i sent the report to MIUI.
  4. masandis


    Mar 2, 2012
    After Flashing 2.2.24, can't Run on my Desire. just Bootlop on HTC Boot Screen

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