Release MIUI ROM 2.3.30 ROMS [ICS] & [GB]

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    A new version has been released! :

    MD5s [ICS]:
    MIONE RECOVERY UPDATE MD5( dfe771ea81550843d50a4ba5d8eef4d5
    Nexus S MD5( b5f786de27c487becf5bb12e5be01917
    Galaxy Nexus MD5( 26db24eb68142b2d8818a713693b6ae9
    SGS2 i9100 MD5( a3584c6bee421902d0dd85e106d86fd0
    Sensation MD5( bdb9621dc658ce90947e6944e41bdc21
    Galaxy Nexus TORO MD5( 16767766c3bb5f781984e19e13191040
    Honor MD5( 9e62c656e86227ec45a4e9c018f4ee87
    File downloads [ICS]:
    Code: (MI-ONE ONLY)

    MD5s [GB]:
    MD5( 2faac91d88c2310a021e0da9c2477e5a
    MD5( 29542bcdf4b12805ec6f6553a0e53a13
    MD5( a48e47da88c51a9f1452c828340d7465
    MD5( 66ac14225c996ee96496aebafa110001
    MD5( c44949f66bdcacd0289fb3f08f014ccb
    MD5( 1a28662f8074b4fa74b624db69ff7165
    MD5( 883dc19030ea835e7760f5b805f5e526
    MD5( 36fc7b43b6137c90dc1da3a657874815
    MD5( a040fd88bcd7ee1c3e841b15ed39306c
    MD5( 34037f4ddf1c618be2abd671785b6fea
    MD5( 7151b1e79207291180ae551c4e0c046b
    MD5( 66fc5b0d236320c443de5fe6a857dade
    MD5( 797d20120e705ca354159a217339558b
    File downloads [GB]:
    ICS Changelog:

    Release of: Honor, Sensation and Arc S will be delayed by a few hours of initial release to allow for proper testing to be done.
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  2. adyscorpius

    adyscorpius Members

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    Mark, are you using micode's github commits to compile your version?
  3. Mahadev

    Mahadev Members

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    Changelog for GB?
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  4. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    not had time to merge from them and add my changes fully yet but future releases will use the original XML yes.
  5. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    SOON :)
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  6. Rezeart

    Rezeart Members

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    First of all, congratulations on all your excellent work, and improvements. Anyway, regardless of the fact that I want so much to have an ICS Rom for my Desire, I would also like to have one other setting added to camera. CAN YOU PLEASE CONSIDER TO ADD DATE STAMP ON THE CAMERA, like digital cameras? The stock Rom had it, I think that it will not be so much difficult for you to add this setting. Thanks in advance, and again, THANK YOU FOR THIS EXCELLENT ROM.
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  7. sudy_freak

    sudy_freak Members

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    I can't wait stable release, or RC.

    Every update is on better way.
  8. Pele

    Pele Guest

    Give Miui V4 a month or so, to start seeing such features implemented, first and foremost is that we are pushing and getting bugs resolved with xiaomi at a super sonic rate! Features and eye candy will be implemented faster as bugs and issues get sorted.

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  9. Omga4000

    Omga4000 Members

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    Hey there,

    I am using 2.3.24 right now and I have a problem with my SMS system.
    Each SMS is sent 2-3 times.
    Will it be fixed in the new version?

    Best Regards,
    Omga4000 :)
  10. Angelo

    Angelo Members

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    yes it will, spend some time to read the forum before posting such questions
  11. Omga4000

    Omga4000 Members

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    I read the changelog and didn't see it there.
    I appreciate your answer, but please spend some time to think about what you're saying.
    Not all of us has the time to read each and every posts in the forum.

    Thanks again.
  12. skuk21

    skuk21 Members

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    many thanks for this MIUI team! I am glad you are testing it further before releasing, a much more sensible approach!

    I look forward to it when you are ready :)
  13. prashant1569

    prashant1569 Members

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    Dear Mark,

    Am sure that you have already taken care of following points in this version.........

    1. Setting --> Security -->>Privacy Protection -->> Protect Apps mode (gives FC when selecting any app)
    2. Setting --> About Phone -->> Status (gives FC when selecting this option)
    3. Flip to Silent option is missing.
    4. Fine tuning is needed for Theme
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  14. nuno_mdj

    nuno_mdj Members

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    Downloading NS rom...THANK YOU Mark...;)
  15. Rezeart

    Rezeart Members

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    Thank you very much Pele. No problem for waiting, important is the goal. Thank again.
  16. blackstones

    blackstones Members

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    Hey thanks for the update just went from 2.3.23 --> 2.3.30 Xiaomi M1 mi-one and worked perfect :)
    really like the new merge phonebook feature.
    Got the phone yesterday and the phonebook was exported with the sim card and same person with different phone number but went into phone book and used the new fetuare and now everything is back to normal :)

    Great work from you guys and girls who make the software :)
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  17. manafo

    manafo Members

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    Thank you. you are the best Mark !
  18. snapilica

    snapilica Members

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    It seems the about screen still shows I'm using 2.3.23 after the update... but stuff did have changed (mostly apparent are the new bottom buttons on GNEX)
  19. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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  20. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    SGS2 removed due to a FC in Mms.apk, the hack from other devices seems not to work on the SGS2 so i will need to re base the ROM package.

    Sorry for this. Rather get things right quick today than spend the weekend fixing issues.
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