[MOD] [Nexus One] 64MB VM Heap Size [MIUI 1.4.29]


Mar 18, 2011
Important Update!
MarkHUK has updated the 1.4.29 language pack to 1b, and has implemented this mod. Not only that, Mark also tells me it will be included in all future releases! So go update your language pack now if you haven't already :D

Original Post:
I've noticed over the last few weeks some posts about adjusting the Dalvik VM heap size on the Nexus One. By default, this is set to 32MB on MIUI. Other tools are able to set this as high as 48MB, yet it is often recommended for MIUI to use 64MB. So to make this easier for everyone else, I have modified the build.prop to set the heap size to 64MB.

For those who don't know what this does, here is a simple explanation: Basically, increasing the VM heap size will increase performance for larger apps. The MIUI launcher has taken it's toll on performance on the Nexus One since MIUI migrated to Gingerbread. Gingerbread's built-in task killer has been causing issues with the launcher (occasional FC's) because there is not enough memory available to run the launcher and other apps simultaneously. Increasing the VM heap size will reduce problems of this nature. However, performance for smaller apps may be slightly compromised. In my own experience, I haven't noticed a significant difference for these smaller apps.

Simply reboot to recovery and flash.

Current version: 1.4.29 (Language pack 1 only!)

IMPORTANT!! [Disclaimer]
This is for the Nexus One only and should not be flashed on other devices, different ROM's, or versions of MIUI other than specified. This is completely safe if used properly, and I will not be held liable for any damage caused from misuse of this file.