Release Notes MIUI 1.4.01


Dec 23, 2010
Friday Milestone and HD2 have ushered in 2.3.3. At this point, MIUI entered the 2.3.3 era.
Third edition of the UI there will be significant improvements, telephone SMS contacts, and desktop and theme are new feeling.
Of course, not only this, April Fool's Day festival so unique, there must be a special surprise.

Like April Fool's Day, because MIUI opportunistic development team are not fools, all have the spirit of the Foolish Old Man, day after day after day have done.

Part of the updated list:

Add dial-up interface, the third edition of UI
Add call the third edition of UI interface
Add text using notes recorded in the call records

Add Click to contact the third edition of UI pop-up picture
Importing SIM card contacts restoration FC caused the problem

Add lock third edition of UI screen interface

The third edition of UI interface new topic
Add new theme operational processes

Not too much there, But more to be announced Apparently. Still, Intresting to note 'new feel' to desktop