SIM Tool KIT not shown up on HD2 pls help....


Jan 4, 2012
SIM Tool Kit (STK) not shown up on HD2 since MIUI 1.12.16 build and newer, anyone confirm this bug? I need this features... Pls help....

Im currently went back to MIUI 1.12.9 because this build works well on this matter....
after one or two restarts it appears on the home screen

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had this issue with CM7 too... just noticed it today also on MIUI 2.1.13 - just reboot until it comes back [stk where do you go?]
Well its still there is no fix here? Anyone confirmed this as a Bug on all MIUI 1.12.16 Build and above.... Missing SIM Toolkit on HD2?
Since its a system app you have to install using ADB

adb install STK.apk
im sorry, how to do the adb things? is there any software to do that?

i've tried to reboot phone many times, installing backup from titanium backup pro and... nothing happened.....
STK often does not show up on some devices, this is a kernel related thing within MIUI, I've asked developers about this before and this is what they had told me when reporting the missing STK for Nexus One for example even when the app is installed.
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C:\Documents and Settings\ROOT>cd..

C:\Documents and Settings>cd..

C:\>adb devices
List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF device

C:\>adb install STK.apk
839 KB/s (67151 bytes in 0.078s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/STK.apk