"True" 4.0 MIUI on all devices?

Dec 17, 2011
I'm currently running Galnet on my Droid 2, and though it has ICS framework and is pretty smooth it's still actually running on 2.3. I'm just wondering if all devices will eventually actually be running on 4.0? Clearly the manufacturers are leaving us in the dust, but I know the 4.0 SDK is out obviously and I see that some new versions of MIUI are actually showing as Android version 4.0.whatever. Our devices are capable of far more than companies seems to want to give credit for and thankfully some devs see that and are willing to take up the challenge.Thanks in advance.
Firmware is hard, though its coming along.

I've got my own DHD MIUI v4 build working. Just lots of tiny bugs, so its possible. We just aren't there yet.