In Progress VPN problem on 2.4.6 on SGS2


Feb 17, 2012
Hi there,

I have a problem with VPN connection (PPTP). It doesn't work. I've checked everything, my username works, other clients from other phones (SGS2, like mine) work but mine won't. When I enter the information it just says "Connecting" and then "Unsuccessful".

I think this is a bug because the exact same settings worked on the same phone with ICS and GB ROM-s before and I am able to connect to the VPN right now with other SGS2 with ICS.

Has anyone had the same problem?

You're doing a great job btw ;)
I've reported this to Xiaomi as a bug.

Thanks a lot. If this is a bug it's a very serious one. I could totally live without themes for a while but VPN is kind of a priority. :)

Again, thanks! :)

Also, it would be great if someone else confirmed that there is a problem. Does anyone have the same problem?