MIUI 1.8.5 Changelog

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    Hi everyone,

    Skipped giving a preview changelog as it didn't really give a lot away.

    <strong>Recommended updates this week:</strong>
    1. Upgrade to Android 2.3.5
    2. OTA performance and streamlining
    3. Camera support no SD card required to take photos

    Read on for more details...
    Upgraded Android OS to 2.3.5 and Gmail and Android Market
    OTA performance and streamlining
    Added more information to power consumption menu interface
    Defy updated with latest CM Source, Restores 5 touch functionality
    Optimised data migration to SD card, if the target folder is empty user will be prompted.

    Optimisation for SIM Card PIN1 and PIN2 input and operation
    Optimisation of PUK input
    Fixed issues with T9 showing duplicated contacts after deletion
    Fix in some cases hands-free (speaker) automatically turns on
    Fix password protected dialer, unable to issue emergency calls
    Fix IP telephone area code prefix issues disappearing

    Fixed issue with contacts and Gtalk
    Fixed mass-delete contact photos and sync problems

    Optimisation of layout and style theme options
    Optimisation of pop-up window display and preview information
    Optimisation of non-text information when prompted
    Fixed File Explorer cannot send media files via SMS
    Fixed abnormal status after sending MMS
    Fix MMS cannot fix file name with correct suffix
    Fixed FC in long-message sessions
    Fixed selecting message from list view selects wrong session

    <strong>Lockscreen, status bar and notifications:</strong>
    Unlocking animation optimisation and efficiency

    <strong>Homescreen (Desktop):</strong>
    Optimisation of loading clock widget
    Fix dock icon random reordering issues
    Fixed issue with some users having launcher FC due to bad patch in 1.7.29
    Fixed folder and hidden items issues
    Fixed in some cases hiding applications cannot be found
    Fix theme replacement causes some issues with homescreen icons

    Fixed forward and back function caused FC
    Fixed sound problem in video playback mode
    Fixed support for Google Voice Search
    Fixed five point lockscreen action intent to open browser correctly

    Optimise 854 * 480 resolution display theme detail page
    Fixed currently selected theme "current" icon not being displayed
    Fixed issues with theme downloads showing incorrect resources totals
    Fixed theme replacement does not change task management icon
    Fix issue where theme packages would not apply and cause FC
    Fixed errors in third-party ringtones
    Fix third-party ringtones being applied causes default ringtone unable to be selected
    Fix Mms audio problem
    Fix in some cases theme list slide operation caused some FC issues
    Fix other general FC issues

    Optimise camera focus
    Camera support no SD card required to take photos

    Optimised long press to switch to next song
    Fix Mms audio playback unusual problems
    Fix sleep mode issues
    Fixed problems with download notifications and playback from completed notification
    Fix player interface refresh issues

    Optimisation of pictures to show actual size where possible
    Fix FC problem when cropping a picture from SD card
    Fix switching to SD Card mode, gallery does not refresh
    Fix some images not displaying the view information pop up window

    <strong>Access control:</strong>
    New password visible when changing lock pattern, also haptic feedback
    Opmisation of access control, can now directly open application from list e.g. if application is hidden on homescreen

    <strong>DND Mode:</strong>
    Added new homescreen icon to enter application directly

    Optimized Added "notification" to vibration options to control whether to vibrate while general notifications received
    Optimized Added processors and memory info in System Settings -&gt; System -&gt; About phone
    Optimized Moved media keys to "System -&gt; Keys"
    Repaired Related settings wont display in "program" tab if the corresponding app is not installed,
    Deleted "Default settings" under "program" tab

    Optimisation of local backup file names according to time created
    Check network connection to optimise cloud backup experience
    Optimised online backup speed

    <strong>Download manager:</strong>
    Fixed problem downloading multiple files showing incorrectly in notifications list