MIUI ROM 1.11.25 Changelog

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    Hi all,

    This is the changelog for MIUI ROM 1.11.25, sorry for the delay in our web site delivering this information. ROMs will be along shortly.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Read on for the full changes...


    Fix in some cases the phone automatically restarts (Mione only)

    Lockscreen, status bar and notifications:
    New lockscreen 2.0, Support for content providers, any third-party applications can read data provided by the content provider and display. At the same time added better logic to select the function

    Optimisation of lockscreen digital screen image shows the way with a convenient source of production and support for picture animation

    Optimisation of the "Reduce flicker" camera mode settings value

    EXIF camera fix time saved details when using the local time instead of UTC time to ensure that the majority of third-party applications can display the correct time the photo was taken

    Fix problem selecting effect in camera settings did not display the selected effect

    Fix for camera effects e.g. "Nostalgia", selecting effect and returning to the camera did not show selected effect, only "effect"


    Optimisation of image detail page to show EXIF information. If the file does not contain EXIF data the last modified time details are shown

    Optimisation of the SD card tab, display list of photos, picture detail showing 24-hour clock time

    Fix third-party applications to open illegal file names e.g. .txt into .jpg leading to FC problems

    Optimisation of HTML5 full screen video playback and hiding of the status bar
    Optimisation for back button to browse the web control process

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