Changelog MIUI ROM 2.4.13 Changelog [ICS]

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by Pele, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Pele

    Pele Guest

    • Optimisation of interface
    • The repair of the Desktop home button, recent task pane flash-back problems
    • Optimisation of load speed of contacts
    • Optimisation of the contact list and search style
    • Optimised contact search style
    • Add send SMS details to other contacts
    • Delete edit slide to remove MMS layout
    • Improve SMS bulk delete performance
    • Optimise SMS backup and recovery performance
    [Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
    • Optimisation of the new notification icon in the status bar display
    • Optimise quick clicking on the notification bar shut down / restart toggle, the status bar reports the selected status
    • Optimise shut down / restart confirm dialogue box style
    • Optimise variety lock screen efficiency by over 30%
    • Repair status bar icon or operators information is not displayed
    • Fix error opening the lock screen Torch under certain circumstances
    • Fix the drop-down notification bar, status bar background flickering problem
    • Add new version of the theme interface (not fully implemented)
    • Optimise theme resource loading efficiency
    • Optimise recorded video is stored as MP4 format
    • Fix in guarded mode, from the lock screen attempting to activate the camera leads to FC
    • Fix if the camera is activated when the screen is locked, still AF issues
    • Add in sort by size and date, display picture size and date information
    • Added 12 pre-set picture groups and two pre-sets for screenshots
    • Increase capacity of allowed number of pictures in each album
    • New prompts for group albums
    • Optimise the pop-up confirmation prompt delete dialogue
    • Optimise saving the last viewed Album
    • Repair single page album sorting problems
    • Repair of a single album page in HTC Sensation resolution problems
    • Repair the Image details page to delete the last picture, cannot slide to delete
    • Repair Image details page action bar
    • Optimise photo details page double click zoom effect
    • Repair album and photo details page to exit edit mode, the screen flashes
    • Repair opening photo from Camera into gallery slide shown causes memory leaks
    • Fix problems with the share photo screen
    • Fix photo details displaying the wrong time information
    • Fix gallery thumbnails
    • Fix problems returning list of albums
    • Fix unusual title gradient problems
    • Add Nexus S to support WMA music format
    • Add support in status bar to control playback operations
    • Optimised wire priority strategies
    • Repair song titles with single quotes, online music player fails
    • Fix problems in edit mode, selecting multiple songs to add to playlist
    • Optimise new Wi-Fi connection
    • Optimise access point name (APN) settings & logic
    • Optimize the APN settings item
    [File Explorer]
    • Optimisation of apk classification
    [LED lights]
    • Optimise the colour and blink rate settings
    [Alarm Clock]
    • The new timer does not set text reminder
    • Optimisation of the timer and stopwatch button text is not centred
    • Optimise the new alarm clock, the time defaults to the current time
    • Repair after the alarm clock ringing, delete data ring
    • Optimisation of the alarm clock memory
    • Fix jittery graphics problems with the timer countdown circle
    • Fix other incompatibility problems
    • Fix problem resetting the timer and forcing application to quite, returning to the application does not clear the counter
    • Fix problems with mangled UI in different screen resolutions
  2. Pele

    Pele Guest

    Opening thread for users to comment - Please no requests, bugs comments - use the proper section of the forums.
  3. EboniLM

    EboniLM Members

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    Looking forward to it.

    [Sent from my HTC Inspire via Tapatalk 2.0 :) Pardon errors.]
  4. ElDiablo77

    ElDiablo77 Members

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    Nice one Mark. Changelog looks impressive but I would have been happy enough if only the number/name issues with contacts and messaging on the SGS2 was fixed. The ROM improves week on week which is cool but this little issue is a problem in everyday use.
    I know that's out of your hands so thank you for always trying to get the weekly ROM to us as quick as you can
  5. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    Thanks ElDiablo77,

    We have been and continue to chase up the contact bug, they are not giving much feedback on it at the moment.
  6. lutin

    lutin Members

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    Thanks to all the miuiandroid team for their work on this release.
  7. weaversbrook

    weaversbrook Members

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    I am strangely drawn back to Miui every time cant wait for the release well done to the team as regards the contact issue my way round it is to duplicate the numbers ie +44 and 07 for all contacts problem solved. Thanks again
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  8. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    You're welcome :)
  9. ECrispy

    ECrispy Members

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    All the ICS updates are wonderful, great progress!

    Mark, 2 questions for you -
    1. Are GB updates for MIUI officially over?
    2. There was some talk on forums about official support for Evo 4G, you have any news on that?
  10. Mahadev

    Mahadev Members

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    Thanks MarkHUK ,
    have a question , its been 3 weeks since the last changelog for GB , are there any updates for the GB release or just minor tweaks which isn't worth mentioning?
  11. fatjoez

    fatjoez Members

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    control music player from status bar cool

    as the others said, contact country code fix will be great if it comes
  12. angenz

    angenz Members

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    i have draining battery system go to 1200mhz instead of deep sleep for previous version...please help me...
  13. wicta

    wicta Members

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    Looks amazing as usual. Thanks for taking the time to improving this allready great rom. A feature i would love to see is the ability to search for contacts containing å ä and ö with the 2 (a) and 6 (o) button in the dialer. I think this would make the life easier for all the swedish people who uses miui.
  14. Ian990

    Ian990 Members

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    Great update but I have a problem with my SMS, It won't open after this update for the galaxy s2
  15. Duncan Krebbers

    Duncan Krebbers Members

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    The Miui-updater on my phone alerted me that there is an update available to this weeks version. Can I install that update or will everything be in Chinese then?
  16. dp4u4umi6ev

    dp4u4umi6ev Members

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    Great update i like new theme manager and other new stuff.
  17. InoX

    InoX Members

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    DnD is still in chinese, also the date in lockscreen
  18. dp4u4umi6ev

    dp4u4umi6ev Members

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    Oooo c'mon just reaply the theme and lockscreen turn to English or search here for fixed version.
  19. steslatt

    steslatt Members

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  20. lutin

    lutin Members

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    This happened to me last week. i just re-wiped and re-flashed and it worked.
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  21. Ian990

    Ian990 Members

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    Okay thanks ill try that
  22. mrbean

    mrbean Members

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    Awesome guys this is by far the most stable and interactive release you have made. I am still testing but so far have not found anything amiss other than the obvious. You guys are getting good at this. Your time and effort is extremely appreciated and I think people often do not realize how much effort and concentration goes into these builds. Big change from the last few and I love the new interface to bits. Even my girlfriend is getting jealous now due to spending too much time within your rom structure. A big thank you from my side.
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  23. Pele

    Pele Guest

    hahah welcome to our world, i have to sneak on o_O
  24. Ian990

    Ian990 Members

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    actually i just tried this with no success, so im going to go back to the old rom until the next update. nevermind :L
  25. InoX

    InoX Members

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    DnD is still in chinese, even after wipe and reinstall.
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