My First Experience With Xiaomi: The Mi Max 2

Discussion in 'Shop Discussion' started by cubimol, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. cubimol


    May 31, 2017
    A few months ago I was desperate with my old phone Huawei G700 with Android 4.2 that did not work well with the old firmware of the manufacturer. Searching the internet I found a Russian firmware MIUI for this old smartphone with Android 4.4 that surprised me by its excellent quality.

    For this reason I have decided to buy a new smartphone of the brand Xiaomi, it is the new Mi Max 2 without knowing the problems that would have. The experience has been very good. I bought the smartphone in a Chinese store with warehouse in Europe. I have not had any issues with setting up a Spanish language or accessing the Google Play Store, and everything works fine.

    Hardware / firmware details:

    - American charger with adapter to the European electrical network.
    - MIUI Version: MIUI Global (NDDMIED)
    - Bootloader: unlocked
    - 4G LTE works well with Orange Spain in the B03 band (1800 MHz). According to the technical characteristics this smartphone does not work in the band B20 (800 MHz). I will wait at least a year to find a solution, I do not want to do it now with the new phone that works very well

    In short, for me it has been an excellent purchase.
  2. Kelvintino


    Jul 9, 2016
    Yes! A great phone indeed! I was a Mi Max (1) user since August 2016 until I have upgraded to Mi Max 2 on 10 Jun 2017! :)

    A new Mi Max 2 thread has been created by!

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  3. smalling123

    Aug 4, 2017
    Yes, I think it is XIAOMI MAX2 is a quite good phone.
  4. fermateus


    Jan 7, 2014
    Miuiportugal team
    Lisbon - Portugal
    I have 2 mi Max 2
    I love this phone
  5. Mario Escobar

    Feb 18, 2017
    Hi I am From Honduras (CentralAmerica) speak almost only spanish (latinamerican really) so sorry for my english.

    I did get the Mi Max original, the 650 proc. and 32GB rom, and was real good, the screen was a Must have, from that day forward, Now I have the
    Mi Max 2, and I am happy with the new phone, no very happy, only happy, I was Very happy with the firts one, but mi max 2 is only a small improvement, but is good. the main thing, is: I can NOT go back to small phones, I Need to have my 6.44 inch screen, also this mi max 2, as the mi max (1) run fast, and almost everything run perfect, a few FHD games have a little problem with the new processor, the old one was a little better, at least at games. I am a compulsive Rom Changer, ha ha ha, I Know is wrong, but I test ALL the roms available for my phones, Plus I super optimize the memory and space, I always Root my phone and erase everything i do not use, like the Weather, I have no use for that software or app, and a lot more apps, plus I tried no to use Google apps to much, just the just basics. I Am waiting for the SLIM ROM and the LINEAGE ROM, this two ROMS are the best one, but not get me wrong, The ROM is the perfect one, for this phones, but I love to test the Lineage and Slim Roms, to make improvements at the Xiaomi Rom.

    One Advice: Download and Install L SPEED app, make any Rom, a lot better (Note is only for root phones)

    And for Xiaomi, Please in the future, put a little more expensive cpu, i do not care about paying a little more for a Mi Max Phone.

    final: I LOVE THIS GREAT PHONE, mi max is my only choice, maybe is the screen, but the whole Xiaomi experience is great too.
  6. midterm_2003

    Oct 24, 2011

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