New Ringtone picker broken when apps request "all" ringtones

Jul 28, 2013
I know this has been mentioned in other threads, including one specific to WhatsApp, but the workaround there simply fails to address the underlying issue: when apps include a preference to choose notifications from all available ringtones (inc. notification ringtones), then MIUIv5 shows a ringtone picker which only includes a couple of ringtones (on my MI2S w/ 3.6.27, the ones listed are Guitar and Mystery).

The problem occurs not just in WhatsApp, but in any app which specifies that the ringtone picker should have an XML attribute of android:ringtoneType="all" (other legitimate choices, according to the Android developer API references, are "ringtone", "notification", and "alarm"). The workaround suggested in the thread above was to decompile the WhatsApp APK, modify the XML to change "all" to "notification", recompile the APK, etc. But this is just an awkward workaround; any other app that calls for the ringtone picker with this XML value also causes this bug to occur. This can be seen, for example, with the free app Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer too.

The real fix that's needed is for MIUIv5 to be fixed to handle android:ringtoneType="all" appropriately. Is this the right place to report this issue and/or request such a fix? Thanks!