New SGS2 MIUI 2.6.8 Bugs


Feb 16, 2012

I have a few bugs that are NOT related to the kernel (as far as I know). They are mainly bugs caused by broken UI or broken listeners and etc.

1) System Lock background (where you draw your pattern to unlock) - It is always black regardless of whether you enable Live Wallpaper or set a static wallpaper - quite ugly.

2) Cannot change keyboard input types. This most probably caused by the fact that when I enable the alternative keyboard, the selection is not committed to the underlying model and thus the input selection window won't pick up the change. Please fix as I am stuck on only using one keyboard.

3) Laggy lockscreen - this includes the new Folding and Blind lockscreen.

4) Settings on the status info bar (especially GPS off/on toggle) just won't work sometimes. Until you restart the device and then it may work, or may not. Really bad when you are about to drive or are lost.

If you need any more details, please let me know and I try and get hold of my logcat.

I'd try a factory reset and reinstall of miui. I have a SGS2 (international) and haven't experienced any of these. I can't vouch for the lock background as I don't use it. Keyboard works fine, I'm using swiftkeyX. Lockscreen is working good for me, and the status toggle works fine, I use it daily for gps/bluetooth.