Hebrew RTLFix


Nov 7, 2010
Have good news for you:
After some little work made by me and huge and very professional reverse engineering by Itamar (iravid) we managed to merge new code MIUI implemented on the last versions with the RTLFix.
So I'm very happy to say "we're back on tracks"!!

**This patch is made for HTC Desire but it was proven to work on other devices too.
Do a Nand backup and flash it at your own risk!!
Just flash it in recovery after rom installation.

New Release:
Desire HD & Desire Z (G2):
Please go here : http://iandroid.co.il/forum/topic29581.html
Other devices:
please go here: http://iandroid.co.il/forum/topic9805.html

Arabic RTL:
Please go here:


Old Release:
Desire HD & Desire Z (G2):
Other devices:

I take no credit for the fix as all the dev work has been made by classicaldude, mena, dudyk, dany74q, erasmux, nadavh, chura, dmanbuhnik, shahar shemesh, Omri Baumer and iravid.
I just take care of updating it to the last version and compiling it to a flashable ZIP.
can you send me a tutorial how can i do it by my self, and what tools ,files i need for that?.
hey roenan.
I was wondering if I should wait for the RTL update for the 1.1.14 ?
Or are you retired for now?
I want to install miui but dont know what version.
Thank you so much .
And we waiting rtl fix for the new update 1.1.14.

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Sorry people, just forgot to post it here. it's done since friday night......
Next time if it get passed Saturday, just PM me.
thanks roenano , just flashed and got many force closes at first boot !!!!
restarted and now working good.
thank you very much man
its working perfect in HTC Desire HD with the last MIUI V3 1.1.22.

Any chance to get libwebcore.so by Arabic also??? or are there any guidelines to do ??

its working perfect with 1.1.22 V5 also DHD

still waiting roenano to get libwebcore.so also

thanks again
Can any one send me the link for the latest Version of MIUI ROM (I need NAND ROM) for HD2 pleaes
with all links that fix the RTL and Wifi problem
Best Regards to all
Good job, fixed my hebrew on other apps like business calander, which didn't work until now