Hebrew RTLFix

i dont like this !!! please release like previous versions. it has problem with persian ! i cant stand it !!!
to roenano
can u plz upload RTL fix for MIUI 1.1.14, also i tried the one with MIUI 1.1.28 based build but the phone hang at Android logo... My phone is HD2
HI roenano
can you send me the link of the latest arabic support for MIUI NAN ROM, please please

Sorry, mate, I don't even know what is a NAND ROM.
If you have access to ADB, just ADB PUSH "the framework.jar" inside the ZIP to /system/framework after the rom installation.
Dear Roenano,
Thanks for your replay, the NAND ROM: is a Rom that you can install it without SD card.

Now do you now from where i can download the last MIUI ROM (Engilesh Version)

Thanks again

First of all I wanted to say big thankyou to roenano for his excelent work. Also, is there a chance that the RTL fix will become a permanent part of MIUI?
m7boob, I do RTL fixes, no HD2 roms.....
Sorry I can't help you. Look on XDA-Developers or ask in this forum on the HD2 section.