[icons] Mia Ex - Miui Icon Addon Extended ... Huge!

Jan 22, 2017
Link updated in OP.
Why didn't you just click @ "projects" @ the website main menu? o_O
I just wanted to report dead link ;)

Variations with alternative icon masking and the MIUI 8 versions are discontinued and removed from the server. Sorry, I try to keep it simple and I share (with style) what I tinker for myself... And I use MIUI 9. :)
Ok thanks ;)
Aug 29, 2017
Could you just maybe not post links that bypass my php download manager? I use it for a reason. Thanks. Maybe link to the top level domain / project page and not the file itself.

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I'm sorry, didn't want to bypass anything, just though it would have been faster for people with a direct link. Anyway I've fixed the link in my post with the generic one.

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Ok, thanks

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I guess the existing pack will be final. I will sell my Redmi Note 4 - I am fed up with Xiaomi stuff somehow. Just ordered a Huawei device.

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Updated to v21.0. I was bored. Even I got no Xiaomi smartphone anymore I thought it would be nice to add 100 icons.
Hope all works, did of course no test flash.
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Does This pack of icons have the original animated icons, like facebook, whatsapp, etc?
It should, but I use oxygen os by now. So I can not really test stuff. If there are problems in any way, we would have to figure it out together and you test stuff. I thought about updating the pack, but I am not getting much feedback lately. Sorry for the late reply...

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