Miui 0.12.31 release notes

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    Recommended features:

    1. Online wallpapers and themes can be viewed directly on the phone themes and wallpapers mass.

    2. Stability
    - Fixed text issues such as automatic production draft
    - Fixed several issues of music
    - Milestone for the latest version of the kernel

    Write a new text message will automatically fix the production problem of the draft.
    Repairing forwarding text messages can not display the recent contact problems.
    Delete messages in the session page repair can not remain in the current location of the problem.

    Call records can not be fixed dialing interface update issues.
    Desktop: Optimized Desktop to increase transparency slide
    Add Milestone can be turned off to save memory cache
    Some small bug fixes desktop

    Add into the visitor mode status bar icon will display a small fence.
    Repair visitor mode, to a new SMS or MMS may FC problem.

    Add black list to add numbers to support direct
    Added option to not intercept telephone

    Add online music search!
    New settings can be modified through music ring tones.
    Lyrics search state optimization tips
    Optimization "Now Playing" column drag effect, faster and more smoothly
    Open the folder list optimize speed
    Repair the newly added songs in the folder in question can not be found
    Fix some problems caused by FC
    Repair is not playing pop songs flow prompts the question Province
    4 * 4 widge repair has been displayed "Downloading lyrics" problem

    Gallery: (MIUI network disk download)
    New multi-touch zoom picture
    Add a picture to follow the finger sliding
    Some pictures do not show thumbnails fix the problem

    MIUI network drive:
    Add an increase of the classification of games and software.
    Optimization of network disk stability.

    Add Online wallpapers and themes online, browse, download, set the train get.

    Flow monitoring:
    Added support for fractional flow has been entered by
    Added support for setting the start billing date
    Add monitor set to increase "more than monthly flow off automatically when the network" switch off by default
    Fix traffic problems corrected
    Package set optimized, user input free text messages, or traffic, automatically generate a warning value (the value of value is free of charge 90%), while supporting the user to manually modify the
    Optimal switching network monitoring, monitoring the reaction is relatively slow Settings tab

    Global search:
    New Search Desktop Gadgets
    Optimization of interface adjustment

    Milestone for new kernel
    91 assistants, and peas fix the bug can not connect
    Repair the password lock screen keyboard does not fully display bug
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