MIUI 1.11.18 Rom by Rick S


Aug 31, 2011
Mods, sorry about posting this in general...but there is no fascinate forum...please move if necessary...thanks.

This is a build ported from a vibrant setup along with some tweaks that dfgas incorporated into the last few builds, and extended settings built in. It is very smooth and fast after letting it settle in for a bit.

Let me know how it is for you. You can wipe data or just cache and dalvik...I do all 3...enjoy.

Thanks to anyone that has a hand in developing for the fascinate / mesmerize...the list would be too long to write!

-new 1.11.18 link...
-includes Glitch V13 kernel with working 3 button recovery (with updated screenstate scaling fix)
-new option of miui app drawer
-pick setup, then enable, wait a couple seconds for drawer to load up, then swipe down from top of screen slightly lower than status bar to pull down drawer (almost right at bottom edge of status bar)...takes a little getting used to swipe area as it is very small.
-also added new music options
-while music is playing with screen off pressing volume up or down does just that
-longpressing volume up advances to next track, while longpressing volume down goes to previous track
-with screen on, volume buttons work as normal
-this is a work in progress, so there are two very small bugs
-volume keys wake screen even if option is off, and once in a while after using longpress options, you may get a FC saying something about volume +...not a big deal...hoping to be fixed soon along with lockscreen torch
-below is a zip to get rid of volume button options and return to stock usage (no FC's, buttons don't wake screen if options are set that way)

Volume button restore link...

MIUI 1.11.18 Fascinate link...

MIUI 1.11.11 Fascinate link...
MIUI 1.11.11 Mesmerize link...

Launcher 5x4 icon grid, no dock link (1.11.11)...
Launcher restore link (1.11.11)...
Before flashing launcher restore, make sure to move up all icons and widgets from dock area to prevent launcher fc's upon reboot.

Here is a link to the v6 supercharger thread...http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991276
I would s***est installing the latest supercharger script...http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=766232&d=1319987998 and the app script manager...http://market.android.com/details?id=os.tools.scriptmanager

Download both, change the supercharger scripts name from .pdf to .txt, install script manager, go into script managers options and turn on browse as root, then navigate to the directory you downloaded the supercharger script to within the app, click on it, select run as root, then run. Follow the scripts prompts, and as a s***estion, I use option 7. This makes the phone fly even faster at all times even with many apps open. I would have incorporated this into the rom, but the developer would rather you visit the thread to get it.