MIUI 1.5.6 for Motorola Droid Released

Discussion in 'Archive 2011' started by MarkHUK, May 9, 2011.

  1. MarkHUK

    Staff Member

    MIUI 1.5.6 has been ported to the Motorola Droid as an official release for MIUI Android.

    Head to the forum post to get it <a href="http://forums.miuiandroid.com/showthread.php?6133-MIUI-1.5.6-DROID-(MIUIAndroid.com-OFFICIAL-release)&amp;p=60684&amp;viewfull=1#post60684">HERE</a>

    Or you can go to the ROMS section and get it <a href="http://www.miuiandroid.com/roms/">HERE</a>


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