MIUI 1.9.23 Changelog (Preview)


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Nov 6, 2010
Development team has started to address all the new features large voice.This week will be the first to put one or two small new features, major new features will be released next week

<strong>This week's update points are:</strong>

1. First week, a number of models to get a upgraded kernel; I9000, T959, I897, Desire, N1 and NS.

2. This week, will support wireless connectivity for different independent set IP, on the need to set static IP's fans should be very helpful.

3 SIM card contacts to optimize the experience.Although smart phones have become increasingly stripped SIM card contacts, but some users still will be used more or less, so it has heard the voice of the forum.This week will support the direct view, edit, delete the SIM card's contact information.

Other collections also support SMS backup, etc.