Xiaomi New Miui V4 Lockscreens!

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Hello MIUI Fans,

Here is a treat for you all.

MIUI China have released two brand new lockscreens called Unfold and Blind which are absolutely amazing. We have translated these lockscreens to english format and are available to download right away! Check out the Screenshots, but its much better to try them in reality.

Note : Must be running MIUI Rom 2.6.8 or later

Lockscreens Attached below.

Many thanks to Xiaomi, for permission to translate and release these freely for the wider MIUI Community.

Enjoy :)


Apr 5, 2011
There's no transparency on the part "behind the curtain" if you catch my drift.

As in, the screen is black when you pull the wallpaper to the right instead of tinted like in the second screenshot.

I'm on a SGS2, 2.6.8

Also, not everything is translated to English, some strings are still in Chinese.

Thanks for your hard work! :)
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Note to users : These Lockscreens are taken as they are seen. Maybe Xiaomi might decide to add more functionality, maybe not. But these are as is.

Maybe Community themers might modify them etc.

Jan 10, 2012
Working as inteded on HOX!
Lockscreen wallpaper: Woman with a bra
Home screen wallpaper: Same woman/picture only without the bra...THANK YOU Miui!

It's like my finger has been given superpowers!


Nov 18, 2010
No transpareny too, what could be the solution?
Your solution is to install a non-official CM9 based Miui rom.

We SGS2 users do not use a proper MIUI rom since ours is a haxx based on TW and we can't fully theme our rom. There simply are to much touchwiz left in the rom to be able to theme most parts.

If the china dev's decides to ditch TW completly, we will have a proper themeable Miui but without the benifits of using a TW-based rom, no MHL-adapter and a lousy working camera.
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