MIUI 1.2.25 Release notes

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    Update release notes for 1.2.25

    Add calls attribution to support the foreign country code
    Add increase in calls to determine call forwarding and tips

    Fix the problem can not receive SMS 10086
    Repair response message does not display the pop-up window problem words
    Multimedia audio and video repair the problem by blocking
    No stranger to repair the recent contacts display
    Remove the SIM card phone or fix the name for the problem of empty contacts FC
    Repair Bluetooth connection problems can occur FC
    Fix import / delete SIM card contacts, press HOME key when re-entering the FC problem


    FC blacklist enter a space will fix the problem

    Add to set the alarm time is set to add the entry into

    Add topic to browse the content page add a button or the next topic
    Fix to solve dynamic wallpaper settings set wrong for the current bug wallpaper
    Repair set the lock screen wallpaper, the call does not support setting the lock screen software problems
    Repair of local icons do not change the folder icon for the bug

    <strong>Lock screen, the status bar:</strong>
    Under the optimal length of the lock screen, press the power button does not pop off the pop-up box
    Optimization to improve the lock to unlock screen when listening to music under the efficiency
    Repair at the same time show "China Mobile" and "China Telecom" issue
    Repair the phone under the top right corner of the lock screen does not show a matter of time
    Repair replacement softer sound to remind low power

    Add listened download, listening to the songs online to download to a local (to be opened in the settings)
    Add automatic association of local lyrics and album art, the same folder name directly associated with the
    Add the page to refresh the menu to add the switch library
    Add new lyrics set and album cover shows the switch (can be set off by the lyrics and the cover display)
    Repair solution garbled lyrics
    Album page optimize memory usage

    <strong>Camera: (in MIUI network disk download)</strong>
    Optimizing operation button icons, along with the rotation of the camera rotation

    Add seven animation effects: Fade, turntable, flip, stack, rotate, box, fan. Like the first six and desktop effects, the sector is added. Defined in the settings menu inside the
    Add animation effects and slide can be defined delay, in the settings menu inside the definition of
    Add Gallery Photo plug-in support for three sizes: 2x2, 2x4, 4x4
    Large sliding around optimization to improve fluency
    Repair some sort FC folder

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