New [Miui-Multi-4.1.10] Lunar Birthday: android.process.acore stopped

Jan 12, 2014
Hi all,
I think I found a bug in contacts editing
My phone is a Mi2s, with multilanguage Miui-4.1.10 and language set to Italian

To reproduce the bug, go to "Contacts" and select on contact, then "Edit contact" - "Add another field" -"Lunar Birthday"

Sometimes it simply doesn't add the required filed and returns to "Edit contact", sometimes you get the message "android.process.acore has stopped"

1) I tried it both with english and italian languages, no changes
2) It seems make no difference whether I have already added a filed "Birthday" in the contact or not, it crashes anyway
3) I really don't know how this behaviour is compatible whit this bug report:

Regards, Andrea
Jun 6, 2013
Hi. That is because they removed the related strings in the English translation.
Reason given by the translation manager : "no one cares about lunar birthday "

Probably the same in the Italian one.
I don't agree with that way to do and i asked the French translation team to do their best to translate.
And now the French translation it s working.
Thanks to the translator who do not drop the strings but translate them.:)
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