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    <p>Download monthly Stable ROM build from this page. Stable ROMs are updated once per month and are guaranteed to be the least problematic of the ROM releases.</p>

    <p>If your device is not listed it is because it has not been marked as Stable yet.</p>

    <p><strongLanguage packs will be done soon for these stable ROM builds, they differ to the Development ROM builds a little.</p>


    $current_rel = "2.3.4a";

    // Function to get files name is correct to our rom /pack
    function check_files_name($file, $marker)
    return strpos($file, $marker) === 0;
    // EF

    // Function to get device name from file name
    function device_name($file)
    $device = substr($file, 12, 33);
    $device = substr($device, 0, -11);
    return $device;

    // Function to get device name from file name
    function device_name2($file)
    $device = substr($file, 18, 33);
    $device = substr($device, 0, -10);
    return $device;

    // Deodex ROM
    if ( ($handle = opendir('/home/miuiandroid/public_html/rom-dev/stable/')) )
    // Start table
    echo '<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500">

    while( false !== ($file = readdir($handle)) )
    if(check_files_name($file, 'miuiandroid'))
    // Loop table for devices
    echo '<tr>
    <td><img src="'.device_name($file).'.png" width="115" height="201" /></td>
    <td valign="top">';
    echo '<h3>'.device_name($file).' '.$current_rel.'</h3>' . "\n";
    echo '<p><a href="'.device_name($file).'-'.$current_rel.'.zip">Download deodex</a></p>';
    //echo '<p><a href="'.$current_rel.'_'.device_name($file).'">Download language pack</a></p>';
    echo '<p>Chinese deodex MD5: '.md5_file("/home/miuiandroid/public_html/rom-dev/stable/miuiandroid_".device_name($file)."-".$current_rel.".zip").'</p>';
    //echo '<p>Language pack MD5: '.md5_file("/home/miuiandroid/public_html/rom-dev/stable/miuiandroid-".$current_rel."_".device_name($file)."").'</p>';
    echo '</td>
    echo '</tbody>
    </table>' . "\n";

    // close directory


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