Translate Miui Roms to persian


Jan 3, 2011
hi guys

in iran many people use miui rom because its very cool and smooth ...

i am development moderator in forum and i decide to translate miui roms to persian

me and my team translate strings and necessary xml files to persian and i decompile rom with AutoAPKTool and add persian language and recompile it and build usable apks and build a rom and install it

every things work fine (menu,browser,...) but i get force close in some programs :

camera : when i want to use camcorder

music : when play songs and pres menu key

mms : when send an sms


i try many method and many programs to edit this apks and solve problem but they did not work (also your method here & here)

please help me to solve this issue and give this wonderfull rom to iranian user


Use Arabic compiled files and just edit them with Notepad++ to Persian! find them in Arabic forum Translation pages!