Lockscreen themes to MIUI Wind's version


Mar 14, 2012
Hi folks!
*My device: XPERIA X8
*Kernel version: Alfs-08a
*Mod version:kuyaDROID
*Build number: MIUI-Wind 2012-03-31 0039

So... How to install customs lockscreen?
And... Where to find?

When i try to customize, the OS report: "Successfully applied"
But not change nothing!! :mad:

I need help.
*Build number: MIUI-Wind 2012-03-31 0039

We don't make MIUI-Wind anyway. Please use our ROM.
I would like SO MUCH!
But i using Xperia X8. I didn't find ROM to my device. :(


Themes aren't ready in V4, we will announce it when there ready. That is why changing theme elements is impossible.

We can't really help in depth about a device we didn't make, because we don't know the procedure, etc of it.