MIUI 1.7.22 Changelog (Full)

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    Hi everyone,

    Here is this weeks change log, we've translated and improved wording as usual just to make things a little easier to understand.

    <strong>Recommended updates:</strong>
    <li>Add contacts to homescreen shortcut</li>
    <li>Improved optimisation and performance of Backup app</li>
    <li>Added phone device input options for Bluetooth, Headset, Headphones and Handsfree.</li>
    Read on past the break to get a full list of the updates.


    New Milestone, keep dialer in memory option?default option is off?
    5-point touch support for Milestone
    Optimisation of Defy recovery and restore of factory settings
    Optimisation of System update process
    Fix Defy blackscreen issue after wipe and recovery

    Optimisation of Clock widget flip animation
    Optimisation of Music widget
    Added Contacts shortcut widget
    Optimised low-res graphics
    Fixed FC issue with Photo widget (Images too big to add)
    Fix problem with shortcuts
    Fix homescreen indicator problems

    Added phone device input options for Bluetooth, Headset, Headphones and Handsfree
    Optimised call answering to prevent misuse
    Fixed problem with Bluetooth headsets
    Fix long-press call record to select messaging for contact with multiple numbers did not display popup dialogue

    Fix issue where message sent shows wrong message after sending
    Fix memory overflow problem caused by Mms
    Fix sending animation problems
    Fix issue entering messaging from lockscreen does not load avatars
    Fix issues with message counter

    New menu to send contact details to homescreen as shortcut
    Fixed FC issue when editing Read-only contacts (Contacts no longer allowed to be edited)
    Fixed merge duplicate contacts, pressing HOME button to return to homescreen FC problem
    Fixed edit and save contact FC issue for Milestone

    Fixed Inaccurate battery display of lock screen while not charging

    Fixed issue with Defy camera shutter
    Fixed other FC issues

    Optimised theme style for setting Wallpaper
    Restored some native wallpapers

    Fixed issues with SD card directory listing

    Fixed notification sounds caused FM to stop working
    Fixed Launch failure of Defy one key clean-up after FC
    Fixed problem where turning speakers off still causes sound to be played
    Repair stuck keys issue with Defy
    Fixed other issues with device FC's (Defy not effected in this optimisation)

    Optimised Firewall loading efficiency

    Optimised backup process and stability
    Fixed issues caused by Sogou input method can't return back in menu's

    <strong>Download manager:</strong>
    Added support for batch start, pause and retry